Accomodation Sammeshaff exterior view


Our farm "Sammeshaff", a group accommodation built in 2000, provides space for up to 61 guests and 4 seperated double bedrooms. It is located on the grounds of the Tourist Center Robbesscheier in Munshausen.

At a glance...



61 Personen


  • the house has 7 bedrooms, a spacious yard with garden furniture, 2 large showers for several people, 8 toilets, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, a common room and a small cinema. The farm is equipped with facilities for disabled users, with appropriate showers, toilets and lift.
  • four seperated double bed rooms with bathroom
  • the potters’ workshop on the ground floor, with an access to the spacious yard, lends itself for summer or grill parties catered by our restaurant.

Prices  :

  • the first night is charged € 25,00 for each person, from the second night onwards only € 20,00 per head. Quorum: 30 people
  • the accomodation in the double bedroom with bathroom, the night costs € 30.00 per person (single use) and 27.00 € per person (double use).


Info and reservation:

Tourist Center Robbesscheier
1, Frummeschgaass
L-9766 Munshausen

Tel: 92 17 45-1

  • Accomodation Sammeshaff Common room N°1
  • Accomodation Sammeshaff Common room N°2
  • Accomodation Sammeshaff Bedroom 1 with 4 bunk beds
  • Accomodation Sammeshaff Bedroom 4 with 2 bunk beds and a handicapped-bed
  • Accomodation Sammeshaff Bedroom 5 with 5 bunk beds
  • Accomodation Sammeshaff Bedroom 6 with 9 bunk beds
  • Accomodation Sammeshaff Bedroom 7 with 7 single beds
  • Accomodation Sammeshaff Fully equipped kitchen