Since 1824, the creaky mill work of the Rackésmillen in Enscherange has been moved by a small watercourse. The miller’s old dwelling house was restored in 2003 and turned into a holiday accommodation for up to 18 people. Have an exciting stay behind the historic walls of the old water mill!

At a glance...


20 guests


The holiday apartment has 4 bedrooms (2x5, 1x3, 1x2 beds), 2 showers, 3 toilets, 1 kitchen, 1 common room with 2 sofa beds (4 places to sleep) and a charming little terrace behind the house, leading to a meadow and surrounded by the mill’s watercourse.

Prices :
The first night is charged € 25,00 for each person, from the second night onwards only € 20,00 per head.

The holiday home is situated in a quiet area; it’s just perfect for family holidays. The old mill and the common room provide an appropriate setting for family celebrations catered by our restaurant.

Info and reservation:

Tourist Center Robbesscheier asbl
1, Frummeschgaass
L-9766 Munshausen

Tel: 92 17 45-1 | info@touristcenter.lu


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