• Sammeshaff


    Our farm "Sammeshaff", a group accommodation built in 2000, provides space for up to 61 guests and 4 seperated double bedrooms. It is located on the grounds of the Tourist Center Robbesscheier in Munshausen.
  • St Hubert

    St Hubert

    The old school, situated in the heart of the village and next to the Gothic church, was turned into a rural holiday home for 20 guests in 1994.
  • Holiday Home  St-Hubert
  • Rackésmillen


    Since 1824, the creaky mill work of the Rackésmillen in Enscherange has been moved by a small watercourse. The miller’s old dwelling house was restored in 2003 and turned into a holiday accommodation for up to 18 people. Have an exciting stay behind the historic walls of the old water mill!