• In the nature...

    In the nature...

    ...the Robbesscheier

  • Playground


    Climbing frame,slide,ropes and look-outs - the ideal for liddle discoverer

  • A carriage ride

    A carriage ride

    A carriage ride at the colonial era

  • Donkey and pony rides

    Donkey and pony rides

    For all those who want to enjoy the cowboy or cowgirl feeling.

  • Herbs in our own greenhouse

    Herbs in our own greenhouse


Living museum Robbesscheier - Back to the roots

The living museum of Robbesscheier in Munhausen combines traditional production methods with modern know-how. The goal is to convey to younger generations just where everyday objects and produce that we may take for granted come from, such as food or tools. In the Living Museum Robbesscheier children and adults alike discover old utensils and appliances, objects that illustrate the daily portion of difficulty and struggle the hard laboring farmers of old had to endure. Of course, in that natural sequence of events, the great Ardennes draft horse is inextricably linked to this hard living region. In Robbesscheier you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a bygone age and learn about these famous horses.

Theme park & nature

A site comprising 6 full hectares of free space, the Tourist Center Robbesscheier also includes a theme park with a zoo, parks and harmonious garden space. For those intended on eating healthier in the process, you’ll surely enjoy the local produce of fruits and vegetables which are used in the Restaurant Robbesscheier. Or let our local Beekeeper take you into the mysterious world of the honey comb and its fascinating honey making process. Finally, the Robbesscheier also serves as a starting point for walking or cycling tours. Especially exciting for toddlers are the following events:

  • Ride on a stubborn donkey
  • Animal feeding in the pen

Holidays at Robbesscheier

It is especially in the spring and summer months that Robbesscheier offers its greatest activities. To be sure to not miss out on any of the attractions on offer, a holiday of several days is strongly recommended. Sammeshaff hostels and St. Hubert (the latter featuring a holiday home) in Munshausen are large enough to accommodate families and groups. Children and adults alike are invited to actively participate in various workshops at Robbesscheier. Creating your own ceramic souvenir, baking a fun cake, making candles out of bee wax, are only some examples.