• Grain to flour

    Grain to flour

    Discover the industrial culture in Luxembourg Ardennes

  • The water mill

    The water mill

    Since the year 1824, a littel water course fuels the mill "Racké" in Enscherange

  • Guided tour of the historical water mill in Enscherange

    Guided tour of the historical water mill in Enscherange


Rackésmillen - Oldest water mill in Luxembourg

The construction of Rackésmillen Enscherange mill in the year 1334 makes it the oldest existing water mill still in use in Luxembourg. Incredibly, this mill served the local population up until 1954, where the wheat needed for bread was ground. From then until 1964 this historic water mill served its function by producing traded fodder material. The current building dates back to the year 1824. The Rackésmillen is fully operational to this day, which is due to the co-owner Willy Racké, who also lends his lauded family name to this historic site.

The milling trade

A holiday home that accommodates up to 20 people has been created in the former miller’s home. Called the Rackésmillen of Enscherange, this charming character B&B is made open to the public on a regular basis and can easily be visited and booked. Tours and demonstrations are increasingly re-discovering the charms of the old miller's profession, which has virtually disappeared in today’s industrial production units. The old equipment and especially the wooden waterwheel are very impressive and bring visitors back to a bygone era.

The Rackésmillen grinds again

In 2003, the Tourist Center Robbesscheier acquired the Rackésmillen with the help of the Luxembourg Ministry of Tourism. They undertook the complete restoration of its installation and included the Rackésmillen in their unique discovery program.