Cité de l`image - city of images

Cité de l`image - city of images

Exhibitions and lectures on photography

Contemporary photography for everyone

Clevaux – Cité de l’Image” is a cultural program dedicated entirely to photography.

As part of this program, numerous exhibitions, workshops and conferences are organized. The flagship project of the ‘City of Images’ is entitled “Garden”: many photographic installations have been scattered throughout the city in public places to help foment discussion. Contemporary photography for everyone.

The objective of the ‘City of Images’ exposition is the promotion of Clervaux’s cultural and tourist activities. One of its core aspirations is to make contemporary art and photography accessible to the general public. Be it permanent or even temporary exhibitions, or its generous artist in residence initiatives, Clervaux lives up to its reputation as the ‘City of Images.’

Since more than 10 years the famous collection "The Family of Man" has been shown in the Castle of Clervaux. The exhibition has had a direct influence on the cultural and local identity. Buildling upon this basis, a cultural project started which is concentrated on photography. The collection of Edward Steichen dates from 1955; the idea started to draw attention to contemporary photography and to confront the time of Steichen with productions from the present.

In September 2008 the association "Clervaux - cité de l'image" was founded in cooperation between the Nature Park Our, the municipality of Clervaux and the "Family of Man". Its aim is to situate Clervaux as a "City of the Picture" (cité de l'image). Different events - temporary exhibitions, open-air photographic settings, ateliers or theme-paths - are organized to strengthen the role of contemporary photography in the artistic, social and local environment.

Contact :

Clervaux – cité de l’image a.s.b.l.
Château de Clervaux
B.P. 52
L-9701 Clervaux
Phone: (00352) 26 90 34 96
Fax : (00352) 26 90 35 96


  • Cité de l`image - city of images
  • Cité de l`image - city of images