12.08 • Mill festival | Enscherange

12.08 • Mill festival | Enscherange

Mill Festival on the "Rackésmillen" in Enscherange

Mill festival in the „Rackésmillen“ in Enscherange/ Wilwerwiltz the 12th August 2018

Sunday 12th August from 11.00 - 18.00 clock

The mill is alive. Come and discover the fully functional water mill in Enscherange, its history, the local products as well as the exciting animation program for children.

Since 1824, the grinder of the Rackésmillen in Enscherange has been moved by a small watercourse, the Clerf. Cereals were reduced to bread flour up to 1954. The newly restored corn mill was named after the former owner Willy Racké, who always kept the mill in working order, even after its official closure.

Free entrance

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