• CULTURE & HISTORY - Family of Man

    Discover Edward Steichen's world famous photo exhibition "The Family of Man" - part of the Unesco Memory of the World register since 2003.

  • NATURE & OUTDOOR - Hiking in and around Clervaux

    Hiking in Clervaux - a delight for both body and mind! A walk along the rivers Our, Clerve or Wiltz offers a magnificent view of the extraordinary landscapes of Destination Clervaux.

  • LOCAL CUISINE - Pleasure and art de vivre

    Man-made fields and ponds accomodate the entire region with fresh mushrooms and herbs as well as fresh fish and wheats

  • CITY CLERVAUX - Discover an exceptional flora and fauna

    The historical heritage and the cultural diversity of this region of the Luxembourg Ardennes make it a unique destination

  • FAMILY - An adventure for the entire family

    The living museum of Robbesscheier in Munhausen combines traditional production methods with modern know-how. The goal is to convey to younger generations just where everyday objects and produce that we may take for granted come from, such as food or tools.

Photo series "Trauliicht" 2015

In the Luxembourg Ardennes, an old tradition used lanterns with frightening faces carved into beets. These lanterns, placed near to the stables, where meant to keep bad spirits and illnesses away from animals. Weeks "Trauliicht" from 22.10 till 04.11.2016