25.02 • Theme hike

25.02 • Theme hike

Invitation to all the passionate walkers for the walking, and… for the black puddings

We invite all the walkers on a hike on Sunday, 25.02.2018, the first of this year having the theme «the savory black puddings»

The beginning is fixed at 9:30 at the Station of Drauffelt for a course of 8 km. (Drauffelt along Munshausen).

A parking is available at the Station of Drauffelt; (Direct link with the arrival of the train of Luxembourg/ville at 09:09 a.m.)

At around midday a delicious meal will be served to you at the Tourist Center Robbesscheier at Munshausen. The planned menu is «black pudding with apple sauce or alternatively "Bouchée à la reine" or raw and cooked ham and dessert».

After the meal the walkers taking the way back around Drauffelt. A course extends on 3,5 km. (Munshausen, Irbach, Drauffelt-gare).

For participant who does not wish to participate in hiking of the afternoon, there is the possibility being transported by minibus from Munshausen to the Station of Drauffelt.

Participation fees (hike and lunch) amount at 29€ / person.

Information and registration

1, Frummerschgaass
L- 9766 Munshausen
Tel: 92 17 45-1